The Global Value & Growth model (GVG) is simple and very transparent

  1. We seek to avoid the risk of value traps (stocks staying cheap forever) by focusing on leading superior companies, growing 8-15% p.a. decade after decade
  2. We seek to get these growth companies at value prices when they are out of favor, forgotten or have short-term problems
  3. We keep these companies for a very long time  

The GVG principles are simple too

In the group of companies that grows 8-15% p.a. we favor what we call super companies. These are companies that meet most or all of our investment principles 

The company:

The Management:

General considerations:

“We seek large cap growth stocks at value
prices. When we do not find the riskreward-
level attractive, we place the assets
in cash or cash equivelent.”


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