It’s easy for investors to buy and sell the Global Value & Growth fund. All you have to do is mail your bank the details below and tell them how much you would like to invest. Afterwards your GVG-shares are transfered to your bank. Selling is just as easy.

As an alternative you can contact VP Fund Solutions. Please refer to details below.

Facts on Global Value & Growth (SICAV-FIS)

Strategy The GVG-stocks could be called all-weather-stocks. Our main priority is to protect assets (=value style) without loosing steam when the market is bullish (=growth style). That’s why the selected stocks are both a value stock and a growth stock - combining the best of 2 worlds
Focus Multinational stocks with a market cap. of more than Euro 5 bln.
Min.investment €125.000
Management fee 0,75% p.a.
Incentive bonus 10% above a pro-annum-benchmark (BM) of 5%
ISIN Code LU0459208012
Bloomberg symbol GLVALGR LX
Liquidity Bi-weekly at Net Asset Value (NAV)
Custodian bank VP Bank (Luxembourg) SA
Tax 0,01% p.a. (almost tax free)
Leverage Maximum 0,1 times net assets
Cash Can represent 100% of assets
  • The fund certificates are held in custody at the investors existing bank relationship
  • The SIF funds are segregated from the investment manager and the cust. bank
Transfer Agent VP Fund Solutions (Luxembourg) SA
26, Avenue de la Liberté, L-1930 Luxembourg
Tel: +352 404770 357 Fax: +352 404770 283

“If the investment opportunity is not obvious, you should do like the Big Game Hunter:
Refrain from shooting and patiently wait for the next opportunity.”

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